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Toro 1800 18-Inch 12 Amp Electric Curve Snow Thrower #38025


Toro 1800 electric shovels got 4.5 stars from 598 reviews.

Toro 1800 is great electric power shovels which can do the job quickly with little effort, as it has plenty of power and higher RPM to move a bunch of snow in a very short time.

Toro 1800 is perfectly designed electric snow shovel, light and ergonomic snow shovel. It is no need gas, oil, fuel, and routine service. Noise level is about the same when using an upright vacuum cleaner.

Toro electric shovel is very light and easy to assemble. It will help people who have back and heart problem to handle the heavy snow easily without having trouble, as no shoulder wrenching pull required, moreover they will have fun in the snow. Some customers experienced that 12 years old girl also can handle this electric shovel easily. Using this electric shovel make you possible to wear warm cloth without having sweat.

As it is so easy to push and turn, the electric shovels will easily clear the snow all the way to the concrete with no effort at all. The electric shovels throw distance is surprisingly, you can throw snow 20 to 30 feet away. It is so amazing electric shovels with great power, you just plug in and use it straightaway. When you finished using the electric shovels, it is easy to clean off.

Purchase this Toro Electric Snow Shovel from Amazon.com and get free super saver shipping.

Toro 1800 electric shovel 

Toro 1800 electric shovel 

Other type of electric shovel:

Toro 38361 Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower (4.5 stars from 85 reviews)

Toro Electric Power Shovels  Toro Electric Power Shovels 

Use Electric shovels Toro 38361 with 7.5 Amp to quickly and effectively move snow out of your way.
Toro 38360 electric power snow shovel has enough power to toss snow in 20 feet distance, cuts 6-inches deep and 12-inches wide per pass. This compact and ultra light electric shovels is easy to operate and maintain.
Get this electric shovels with FREE Super Saver Shipping. This electric shovels is manufactured with durable plastic body; metal handle; minor assembly required and get 2 years warranty.

Other benefit of this electric shovels is eco-friendly and a practical product with no gas or oil to burn through.
It is a cost effective electric shovel which no need gas or oil, no spark plugs to change, and no time-consuming tune-ups. Toro 38361 Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower is compact and easy to maintain with electric power.
If compared to big, gas-powered units, Toro 38361 electric snow shovel easy to maneuver and no need big space to be kept as it has ultra-compact size. As Toro 38361 electric shovels is small and very easy to handle, it is ideal for spaces like decks, staircases, and balconies.

Electric shovels Toro 38361 has Power Curve System (ergonomic shovel) which can remove snow very fast and effective. Electric shovels will avoid sore backs caused by shoveling and time wasted taking care of huge, complicated snow blowers. This compact electric shovel uses a single rotor with two curved blades to quickly and effectively move snow out of your way as it employs a streamlined auger drive system.
You can clear four inches of snow off a 50-by-20-foot driveway in just 20 minutes as as Toro 38360 electric power shovel has a snow-throwing capacity of 300 pounds per minute. With a clearing width of 12 inches and a snow cut depth of six inches per pass, this electric shovels will let you clean off walkways with a couple quick passes. And weighing in at just 13 pounds, this snow thrower can be lifted, turned, and twisted with ease.

Toro Electric Power Snow Shovel

Toro Electric Power Shovel will keep you comfortable as it is small, easy to handle, and very powerful to remove snow effectively. Other feature of Toro Electric Power Snow Shovel is adjustable and has ergonomic snow shovel features.
Electric shovels Toro 38361 has a telescoping handle which allow you adjust this electric shovel to fit your height. It can be customized to fit in your hands, as the height and angle of the electric shovels operating handle are adjustable too.
Purchase this snow thrower with a full two-year warranty.



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